Covers S.A.

Hello, hello! Sorry for being absence again… :(
Here we have Black Tide (I like these guys, sort of a metal band, but without that strange feeling from some others like BFMV and etc.) playing “Prowler”, in tribute to Iron Maiden.

Hipster, please stand up! hahaha

Here we have Kasabian singing “Video Games”, from Lana del Rey!
Check it!

Long time no see you, Panic! At the Disco!
Here we have these guys singing “Dammit!”, from Blink 182!

Florence Welch appearing again! This time singing “Halo”, originally by Beyoncé!

Check it!

"Seven Nation Army" played by Vyvienne Long, Damien’s cellist! 

Originally played by White Stripes.

Linkin Park singing a mash up on “Sabotage” (from Beastie Boys) and they’re own song “Bleed it Out”. Check it! :D

Good morning, and let’s say “Good Bye Yellow Brick Road” all together with Keane!
Sir Elton may be proud! 

Sunday night, you’re feeling kinda down/bored… So forget you’re “Under Pressure” and listen how MAGICALLY Joss Stone can cover Queen!

Hipsters, beware! Guess you’ve already listened to Gotye and the BOOM they call “Somebody That I Used to Know”…
So, here we have Fun. and Hayley Williams singing it! Enjoy! 

Once again, “Kids” popping up here! 

This time we have Cage the Elephant covering this ~classic~ from MGMT.